Software License and Options —

Keep in mind that the Basic Point-of-Sale (POS) system provides all of the functionality necessary to run a multi-merchant business.  Also, all options are built into the basic software.  Therefore, an option can be added (i.e., activated) instantly at any time following the initial purchase with a simple serialization routine to "turn on" the desired option.  You can experience this behavior by evaluating the VMM demo software system where you can turn options ON and OFF as desired to experience the different possible configurations and behavior of VMM.

Single User Multi-User (2 Stations)
Basic POS software license (See Note 2) $ 295.00 $ 395.00
Email PDF Dealer Period Sales Statements 75.00 120.00
Print Dealer Checks & IRS 1099-MISC 75.00 120.00
Gift Certificate Sales & Tracking 40.00 70.00
Lay-a-Way Sales & Tracking 75.00 120.00
Dealer Accounts Receivable System 75.00 120.00
Email PDF Dealer A/R Statements (Note 3) 25.00 40.00
No-FUSS Inventory System 75.00 120.00
Bar Code Scanning & Printing (Note 4) 60.00 90.00
Complete POS software with all options (Note 6) $ 795.00 $ 1,195.00

The first six months of technical support is included in the purchase price of the software license (Note 7).  After six months, toll-free telephone support is available on a per-incident basis at an hourly rate of $120.00 per hour billed in five minute increments with a fifteen minute minimum (i.e., $30.00 minimum per incident).  No technical support charges will ever be made for any problem or issue related to a malfunction (i.e., "bug") in the VMM software.  We also charge for answering questions and/or providing instructions for information that is available in the VMM User's Manual/Help file.

The Web Poster (WP) software for posting VMM Dealer sales on the Internet is $195.00 for the software and initial web site setup, plus $49.95 per month for the web site space and site maintenance.  Our WP Service Agreement requires a six-month minimum participation initially with the first and last month's service fees paid with service initiation. 

A payment discount is provided for subscription pre-payments of six months or longer (contact us for details).  Like VMM, technical support for WP is free during the first six months following purchase of the WP license.  However, this support is subject to the same equirement necessary to receive free support for VMM (Note 7).

Please note that the VMM software can be updated to the latest production release of the product for absolutely NO CHARGE!  Click on our "Upgrades" tab to read more about upgrading VMM to the latest version.  There are no yearly subscription costs or upgrade charges once a VMM software license has been purchased.


  1. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  2. An upgrade from a Single User license to the Multi-User version of the software costs $100.00 for the basic software license change plus the difference in price for each option that was purchased for the Single User system.  Additional workstations added to the network only cost $100.00 per computer for the basic license change, and all licensed options are automatically scaled to the number of new users at no additional charge.

  3. The Dealer Accounts Receivable Option is required to purchase this option.

  4. The Inventory option is required to purchase this option. Also, bar code printing requires a laser or ink-jet printer with support for PCL-5 graphic print codes (most modern printers support this protocol).  (Note:   Smearing of bar codes may result if an ink-jet printer is used.)

  5. Quoted prices do not include any applicable Texas state sales taxes.  (Texas sales tax must be collected on all sales made to parties within the state of Texas.)

  6. Options purchased after 30 days following the initial VMM software license purchase will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee in addition to the cost of the option(s) being added to the system.

  7. Free technical support does not cover instruction or training in basic computer skills.  The VMM Client's technical representative must possess a reasonable level of computer operating ability and knowledge.  The person receiving support must be familiar with the operation of Windows Explorer and be able to navigate a computer's hard disk, copy and paste files, download files from the Internet, etc.  If a qualified "in-house" representative of the Client is not available, then a suitably qualified "outside" person must be present to participate in the support session.  If this requirement is not met, then the support session will be billed at our standard technical support rate.

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