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Visual Mall Manager is an easy to use Point-of-Sale (POS) software system specifically designed for multi-merchant businesses such as Antique Malls, Consignment Shops and Craft Malls.  The program provides operational flexibility and intuitive operator functions to smooth out the operation of your business.

  • VMM is extremely fast and easy to use.  You can install the software and be "up and running" in one day or less!

  • VMM tracks sales, rents and commissions for an unlimited number of individual Dealers.  You will not have to struggle with keeping paper records.

  • VMM automates your Point-of-Sale operation, improves accuracy and makes your Dealers happy and confident with their sales information.

  • The VMM User's Manual/Help system provides a "cookbook" approach to answering operator questions and presenting problem solutions by providing information in a user-friendly manner with many illustrations taken directly from the VMM program screens.

The Visual Mall Manager is conveniently available with only the features that you need.  You don't pay for functionality that you do not plan to use.  The basic VMM software provides all of the features required to operate a multi-merchant Point-of-Sale business.  It posts Dealer sales, prints receipts, and prints all necessary reports for both your business and the Dealers, plus much, much more...  However, you can expand the functionality of the software by selecting as many or as few of the built-in options that you need.  The optional modules simply provide enhanced functionality to the software for those businesses that desire the additional features.  The options are all built into the software and can be "turned on" (i.e., unlocked) at any time with a simple serialization procedure.  Refer to the Features page for a discussion of the options, and option costs are detailed on the Prices page.

The Web Poster is a companion product to VMMTWP allows you to upload Dealers' sales data to the Internet for Dealers to view their sales status at any time (24/7/365).  You do not even have to have an Internet website; we provide the website, all required software, and continued website monitoring and maintenance.  Click here to learn more about the Web Poster.

You may obtain a totally free, fully functional, evaluation copy (i.e., Demo) of VMM by contacting our Sales Department.  Please e-mail us at RCanon@RFCanon.com, or call our office number:  (210) 361-1111.